2nd Hemlock tee

This is my second Hemlock Tee. the pattern is one size, free and by Grainline Studio. It´s a great pattern as it is but this […]
Mar 9, 2018 /

May mending

It´s clear I am not fit to take part in challenges. I love the idea behind Me Made May but it would never work for […]
Jul 10, 2017 /

Pics from January

In January I woke up to many mornings like this.Tati and I took walks around the allotment and enjoyed the crispy weather when everything looks […]
Apr 16, 2017 /

DIY laptop sleeve

Recently I finally got around to buy a new computer that would actually run one or two of the programs I use. When it came […]
Feb 4, 2017 /

Tailor's ham & sleeve roll

Sometimes using up stash fabric scraps can result in most pleasing projects. This is the case with my new tailor´s ham and sleeve roll. I […]
Dec 16, 2016 /

Sewing & knitting

I have been a little under the weather lately because I haven´t had a lot of time for my hobbies. Still, I have been making […]
Dec 1, 2016 /

Last summer's dress

I did finish Lexi A-line Dress by Named when it was still warm. In fact it was one of my favourite piece of clothing last […]
Nov 6, 2016 /

Summer sewing

I while back, I can´t even remember when, I placed an order to Merchant and Mills. Opening the package was pure joy I seldom get […]
Jul 13, 2016 /

Learning by doing

The Camber Dress finished and here´s the details: Camber Dress by Merchant and Mills size 8 neckline 1cm/ 3/8" smaller sleeves 2,5cm/ 1" longer hemline 7,5cm / 3" higher The […]
Feb 20, 2016 /

Linden & dots

I finished this Linden a couple of months ago but forgot all about it because it´s a little too light on this weather. Nevertheless, I […]
Feb 13, 2016 /

The Camber Set Pattern

I am so glad I discovered independent patterns (and pattern makers) last year. For me it is the best way to learn sewing because these […]
Feb 9, 2016 /

Polka dots & middle gray

Even thought it might not look like one, this is a Lark Tee. Long sleeves, crew neck. Size 6. I wanted a flared / a-line […]
Jan 31, 2016 /

Advent calendar

I am sure Christmas is the last thing in everyone's mind but I will go on anyways. In Finland we have this tradition of christmas […]
Jan 22, 2016 /

Second hand skirt

Last summer I bought a second hand skirt for 2 euros. It was way (way!) too big for me but I liked the print and […]
Jan 15, 2016 /

Works in progress

I bought new dotted fabric in order to try a Lark tee mod. I have one shirt almost like this with smaller dots but this […]
Jan 11, 2016 /