_MG_7111.jpgNew socks listed in my Etsy shop. I have listed two pairs. As soon as I started to take these pictures Tati stole the scene. I had to push him little by little out of the frame. And even then most of my pics had to be cropped so that the curls on top of his head wouldn´t show… So eager to participate ;-)

_MG_7289.jpgBasically I make two types of socks: thinner and thicker. These are thinner ones, the specialty ones as they require more work. With socks I usually pick yarn and pattern that I would use but end up selling them because I have so many pairs. I wear handknit socks everyday throughout summer and winter.

_MG_7297.jpgDo you remember this orange yarn? I bought it from Paris where sock yarn is actually very difficult to find. It is the perfect colour and softness. I wrote a post about it a long time ago. Still is the gem of my sock yarns.

_MG_7128.jpgThis is what happens when you can´t be on both sides of the camera at the same time. This is me pointing to R where to focus and being overhelpful (perhaps a little imperious as well…).

_MG_7296.jpgLove decorative rib patterns for socks. You really can´t beat rib in socks but it doesn´t have to be boring old “two knit and two purl stiches”. Besides, you get to do less purl stitches (the lesser nice ones in my opinion) with these textured rib patterns. I call them lazy ribs.

_MG_7139.jpg These socks I won´t sell because something (or someone) mysterious happened to them. I noticed a small hole in one of the socks. I must admit that I suspect Tati. He hasn´t chewn anything but still I can´t find any other reason. Perhaps when he was a small puppy because these were finished around the time he came to live with us… It´s a pity even though they´re already amended. I wish he´d had a bite of those orange ones so that I´d have an excuse to keep them.

Oh well, have a nice week!

_MG_4874.jpgHere´s a batch of dye samples again. I am hoping to find time to dye yarns for a scarf based on these samples I have made during summer. Both of my looms are without a warp at the moment and that´s not right!




_MG_5515.jpgCoffee to start every day. These are still old pictures but the past and present are getting closer.

At the moment I am updating my Etsy shop little by little with mittens so have look there what I have been up to in a last few days. My goal is to list approximately 30 items and keep stock for the rest of the year. I feel very happy to have time to open a shop again. Welcome!

_MG_5514.jpgCooking for Tati. Meat, meat, meat. It´s funny and a little terrifying also because I´m vegetarian.

_MG_5535.jpg Cutting off a rug. This was a big one: more than two metres.

_MG_5544.jpgA collection of things that I have taken out of Tati´s mouth. Luckily he doesn´t try chew everything anymore.

_MG_5597.jpgI got William Morris´ print for kitchen curtains. Love it. And I should have gone for it earlier because you only notice how brilliant the sequencing is with a longer piece.

_MG_5580.jpgHis post between kitchen and living room. Little stalker.

_MG_5555.jpgNo place to put this at the moment, unfortunately.

_MG_5645.jpgYarn cones for the warp.

_MG_5642.jpgI am warping for table runners because I have a lot of material that came with my small loom.

_MG_5619.jpgTati enjoying evening sun. He´s becoming such a handsome guy.

_MG_5703.jpg Book I got for free from Parisian bookshop. I think I saw that same book in Jim Jarmusch`s Only Lovers Left Alive when a vampire played by Tilda Swinton was packing for flight.

_MG_4390.jpgHere´s random snapshots from the first half of the year. In January I was browsing a book about Rembrandt´s house in a beautiful home in Edam.

_MG_4766.jpgSalmon and egg salad one day at home.

_MG_4827.jpgI went to see my co-worker´s sheep and hens.

_MG_4830.jpgTulips and recently dyed skeins of yarn in our kitchen.

_MG_4845.jpgRug I wove from the left-over warp of my mum´s rug.

_MG_4860.jpgDyeing a skein of red yarn. Turned out ok. But what should I use it for?

_MG_5048.jpgBlueish gray socks for a little boy. I think they´re too small already.

_MG_5305.jpgSocks in progress for a baby girl. There´s so many babies born this year. I wish it were easier to estimate their growth so I could knit more baby garments.

_MG_5307.jpgCoffee break. This neon ink colour instantly reminds of one of my friends.

_MG_5399.jpgWalking in the forest with R and Tati.

_MG_5412.jpgSuberb cake in fantastic company in Helsinki.

_MG_5486.jpgTati´s favourite.

_MG_5489.jpgDid all that came from the rug..?

_MG_5493.jpgMum brought me carnations.

_MG_5496.jpgRhino in a spice cabinet taking a break.

_MG_5501.jpgBaby girl´s socks finished.

is that for real?To be honest Tati is closing in on 8 months already but a lot has happened during this spring and summer and until this moment I haven´t had time to think about it. And not the least because of having a puppy around the house. I had to work a lot so that I could finally take a break and leave my job for one year in order to finally finish my degree in art history. Yippee! I am free! … and get to hang with this fellow.
playingHe takes me to forest.
curiousHe´s curious about everything. And without suspicion -that´s what I should learn from him.
young and braveI often think he´s too brave, dumb and brave, but so far he´s been right how long can he jump or how fast he can run.
napping againDozens of naps a day. Usually in this position and close to his favourite toy.
picnic Here´s a rare picture of us. Having a nice walk in the forest with a coffee break on top of a hill.
nappingThis time sleeping in my room.
taking a walkI wish there would be more places to walk him without a leash. We try to find one every day. I think both are fine with him but it makes a big difference in our walks. I am always admiring those European countries that allow dogs to be loose and as a result dogs (and people) behave so well. Perhaps one day…
socialiteOne thing that´s been verified about poodles. They´re social. I think during this puppy phase we´ve been oversocialized. He´s turned everyone on his side. What I have noticed is that dogs actually improve people´s relations to each other. After Tati moved in we´ve made a lot new friends and the whole neighbourhood has opened up in a new way.

at mum´sAt my mum´s. They´ve already made good friends and he greets her with a special mourn.
soakedWhat a relief that he enjoys grooming. Because the hair grows very fast. His colour is turning more and more pastel ginger, looking forward to see how red he´ll become.

paletteOne day I was dyeing my favourites. I set out to find certain hues or colors but I only got close. I found nice colours but here is not a single one which is precisely what I was looking for. And that´s what makes this interesting and that the goal changes during the process.
the essentialsOf course I had to do swatches for gray tones as well. I made five middle tones between black and white. I might do more to fill the gaps and already started to work on tinted grays. What a luxyry to have these choices at your disposal? The downside being that it´s always more difficult with more choices.
autumnThis palette is turning towards my favourite season: autumn. I really love the light and the colours in the nature during autumn. What I don´t love so much is the wind and rain that´s already here. I have to wait for the colours a while.

gazingHonestly this is the first time I have a moment to remember Tati´s first month with us. Here is he, almost 3 months and on his first walk in his new hometown. Sometimes he looks quite pink outdoors.
guilty When I saw this look first time I thought he would cause a havoc at our place but it never happened. He hasn´t caused *fingers crossed* any damage or done anything this face might cause to suspect.
yes!This look makes my heart melt.
with pomHis friend, we call him Pom, came also to live with us but Tati is too much in love with him so we had to put him up on a shelf.
zzzLots of sleep. Lots.
peekingHe likes to hang. As most poodles do I guess. What a surprise to watch a film or read a book with a puppy. Sirens and barking won´t be left unnoticed. But still he never barks. When he saw a dog on TV, he went to look for it behind the TV in another room.
growingThis is one of his favourite spots. You can see the entrance, living room and my room from here.
tinyHere´s that edgy look again. Yet so overwhelmed by the world.
sundayWe moved downstairs to sleep because we thought he could not handle us sleeping upstairs. Well, we were wrong, he took us moving back calmer than us sleeping downstairs.
irresistableHappiness is this look on a sunday morning.
chewHe´s very playful and chewing is one his pastimes. One time we were eating spaghetti he brought a skein of white yarn and started chewing a strand next to the dining table. Priceless.
sleepHe is almost inseparable with his toy beaver. Sometimes I cannot tell them apart. Indoors they´re almost the same color.

More updates will follow.

rainbowHere´s new batch of dyed yarn samples! I used three primaries and mixed them to produce the hues in between.
pureHere´s the palette of readymade colours.
mixedAnd here´s the ones that are mixed with two colours.
favouritesAnd these are some of my personal favourites. They came as a surprise for myself too.

a plant without lightHere´s the latest finished piece: a merino scarf. This colour combination is one of my favourites and I think I will never get bored/over with mustard yellow and gray together.
twisting fringesThis fringe twister is very handy small tool from Ashford. I am terrible with fringes without this so I am very grateful I came across one. In fact it makes the slow process of sorting fringes a nice task.
cutting the extraThis baby merino wool was very pleasant to work with. And cheap. But good quality. And there´s some sock yarn in addition too. The palette with merino is often very limited to baby colours but I think I will dye some in addition to ready shades with the next project.fringes
close-upNow that the spring -and eventually summer- is coming I should start thinking lighter warps and perhaps even cellulose fibers. I should do that especially because I am not too fond of them, wool is my favourite by far. But as with all predjudices they do limit yourself.

And last but not the least: two very inspiring stories:

a movie on Ilse Acke´s and Jeffrey Vanhille´s work. Beautifully shot movie about true talent. I only understood a few words but I got the message.

and a documentary of a nanny/ photographer Vivian Maier. Her fragmented story was so astonishing that I think I will never forget it.

TatiMeet Tati! A week ago he came to live with us. He´s red (or apricot) miniature poodle, turning three months on Saturday. I thought I would never get to have a dog but things have turned out so that it actually happened. He´s such a great character but of course there´s a lot to learn. What a change though. I think my craftwork will suffer, but I won´t ;-)
samplesAnother instant crush in my life has been dyeing yarn. I have tried it before but this time it really got me hooked. I was frustrated with the selection of colours I could get my hands on and decided to have go with dyeing myself. I have been dyeing samples of my favourite shades whenever I´ve had the day off from work. Here´s sample hanks of fingering merino.
prewashAnd here´s them going to soak before dyeing.
dyesFirst I made samples of the “primary” or readily mixed colours. Not good at all straight from the bottle. I realized I would have to learn new system of mixing colours because the primaries were different than what I had learned. For a few days I felt puzzled but now I have developed an instinct what to mix with what.
mixingMixing colours is fascinating. Atleast to me. I have always been very interested in colours, colour systems and reproducing colours. Now I see that quite a lot of my hobbies have dealt with colours and also colour theory. So this is just a natural turn of things.
mixedOh, but there´s so much to learn! I can think of hundreds of colours and would love to mix them all. I bet these small skeins will multiply in time. Hopefully I find colours I want to use in my weaving. But it actually feels harder now that the sky´s the limit with different colours.

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