In the beginning of June last year finally something started happening in the garden. The apple trees blossomed and I harvested first crops of herbs. I started collecting rosemary, peppermint, chives, oregano and lemon thyme.
Tati followed wherever I went. That demanding look tells me that he wants me to throw a stick.
This pointed hoe is absolutely my favourite tool when it comes to breaking the clay soil and digging out weeds. And its very versatile, you can do so many things with it. I wish I had found it a few years back but I am grateful for finally having one. I dug almost everything with this one and even bought a bigger version of the same tool for my potato plot.
I bought squashes and planted them in one of the raised beds in the kitchen garden. I put grass on top to keep them moist and well fed. 2016 was very good for squashes but this year I didn’t get nearly as good crop. I’m unsure why, perhaps the colder weather and the variety.
In June I had to start making new flower patch because I was given perennials from neighbours. I have a dream of making a herbaceous border that would run (freely) in the shadowy side of the plot, all the way 25 meters or so. I am making the whole thing in patches because I have to move things in my small plot in stages. For example that pile of bricks have to be moved/used.
The cold frame I built earlier did yield first vegetable crops. I planted radish, lettuce, claytonia and cilantro first and then continued with herbs etc.
Here┬┤s the first radishes I harvested in the 2nd of June. Very soon the rest would follow!

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