I am looking forward to the upcoming gardening season even thought it’s still -10°C on daily basis. All the pics in this post were taken on May last year so you never know what’s going to happen!
In the beginning of May we had an unbelievable blizzard.
Tati an I took a walk around the neighborhood. The potato plot was covered in snow in mere minutes.
But it was only a week after I sowed the first seeds to raised beds.
Tati was keeping me company.
In the end of May I planted potatoes and asparagus to my potato plot. I was quite lazy and wasn’t digging that deep. But still I had a nice crop of potatoes.
Kitchen garden in the end of May.

My replanted rhubarb pulled through.
In May I started to have breakfasts and dinners in the patio. It´s the best!
My cottage is still looking like brand new!
The front beds looked promising. I planted mints and echinaceas and then just poured in whatever seeds I happened to have.
As you can see, my lemon apple has been eaten by deer again this winter. Still it blossomed. I haven’t had any apples though. It´s not feeling very well.

But the cherry is total opposite to my apple. I planted the tree year before and it blossomed so beautifully. I also received a nice crop of cherries.
This is my Scarborough Fair -herb garden. By June it had the essentials – parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme – always at hand.

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2 Responses to Back in May 2017

  1. Caroline J says:

    Such beautiful photos. I hope your May 2018 crops are just as promising as last year and hopefully more abundant!

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