This is my second Hemlock Tee. the pattern is one size, free and by Grainline Studio. It´s a great pattern as it is but this time I made the back and front pieces an inch or so narrower. Also I added an inch / 2.5 cm to the sleeves which is my normal adjustment to Grainline patterns.
I have taken my sewing machine and serger to my cottage. I love to have dedicated space for sewing because it gets things done. Here’s how it usually is: Sam Harris podcast on a Saturday morning and sewing about to start.
Last summer I bought these flower pins and a magnet pin cushion. Soon they replaced all other pins because they’re so sharp and long. I absolutely love those pins!
With this Hemlock I did split hem and I am really happy with the detail. It adds a little more room to move (even to the lofty boxy shape) and somehow the garment “hangs” more beautifully.
Here´s the finished result. I have worn it so many times. The fabric was very cheap synthetic knit but surprisingly good quality.

Happy sewing everyone!

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  1. Camila Faria says:

    So pretty! You ROCK Niina.

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