It´s clear I am not fit to take part in challenges. I love the idea behind Me Made May but it would never work for me. Still –inspired by it– I did manage to create something. In April/May I made plans for gray knits I had in stash. I resorted to Grainline´s Hemlock Tee and new variations of Lark Tee because both patterns are so versatile.
Here´s two gray melange knit fabrics I had bought for a bargain price. The left is mostly synthetic and will make up a Hemlock with a split hem. The lighter cotton blend will be a Lark of some sort. Perhaps a Lark with short sleeves, turtle neck and slight A-line shape.
I don´t know what people will think of this but I shortened a vintage Burberry trench coat to fit better for my liking. I had never thought of using a Burberry coat but I just happened to find one from a flea market. It had been used as tobacco coat and it reeked. I had to wash it many times before I could get rid of the stains. I tried on the coat many times but it just felt wrong so I chopped of 15cm. It made a big difference and now I like it very much.
After modifying the coat, I pulled out my summer clothes from the storage. I had sewn a skirt and a Scout Tee previous year (or before that) and for some reason the fit was a bit too saggy. I altered the Scout Tee to a smaller size, shortened it by a few inches and chopped off a few inches from the skirt´s sides. I had to attach the pockets and all again but it was worth it. I guess during this year I have learned my proper size although I still prefer fit with plenty of ease.
Meanwhile my little cottage was bursting with seedlings and chitted potatoes. At times it was impossible to do anything but knit because all the tables were filled with plants.

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