I have said it many times: being broke is good for my imagination and skills.

Here´s two new treadles for my small loom. If I had ordered them I would have paid 50€ each. That´s insane. I am not saying their price isn´t justified but I think my loom would have never had eight shafts and treadles.
Just looking through my stash I found two big cones of wool. I am thinking bedside rugs because they would feel very comfortable under bare feet.
Sorted out one big pile of works in progress. Some of them were unraveled, some finished. I tried Illustrator for the first time for sketching a rug. It might work in the future.
I had been eyeing my favourite sheets for a while and finally they were torn while I was making the bed.
And now they´re off to their next level. I might reserve them for my own rugs because I really like the print and colour.
After the cottage was finished it felt a little too “new”. Also I was fed up with pouring money to hardware store. This year I wanted to make the plot more “worn” and decided I would use leftover materials. Here´s a compost bin in the making.
I cut the planks according to instructions I found online and hoped for the best.
After assembling the first wall I knew it would work. This kind of woodwork is quite new to me but I love that I get to do something new. Power drill is already a friend of mine but after this I can say the same for cutting saw.
First I thought the double compost bin would be too large. But it´s already over halfway filled with weeds so it´s quite the opposite in fact.
After the compost bin experiment I thought why not make a cold frame. The weather in April was awful, nothing grew and snow just kept on coming. I was so discouraged I would never get anything to eat from my kitchen garden that I decided to make a cold frame.

I had to clear a spot for it and finally got around to level the ground around the cottage.
Assembling the whole thing was very quick and easy. I think this project as a trial because I also need to make two fences and gates that would have to be reasonably well made in order to work. After the compost bin and the cold frame I think I could have a go with the fence.
I got old windows from mum for the cold frame. They were relatively large but it worked okay.
I am very pleased with this box. I sowed lettuce, radish, cilantro, oregano and portulaca in it and they grew pretty quickly under the lid. Now I get to harvest new crops on daily basis and have already made successional sowing for later crops.

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6 Responses to April jobs / recycling

  1. These structures are great. Nothing more satisfying than using power tools on wood! Did you line the compost boxes and cold frames with anything? Interested to know if the soil / compost would rot the wooden frame or not.

    • Niina Niina says:

      I didn´t line the compost box. I thought it would last what it does. Also I was unsure how to solve the ventilation if had taken that road…

  2. Cocos Loft says:

    I think all your projects are amazing. Did you cut the wood yourself (that’s quite a workshop!).

  3. Fabric Tragic says:

    Very impressed with your skills! Your little mini hot house is terrific!

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