Lately I have noticed a mix-up of aesthetics of botany, food and yarnwork in my life. Practices of everyday life –ie. living in the cottage, growing (some) of my own food and creating objects– are quite similar to each other.
It´s very interesting to see how gardening and caring for plants naturally extends to putting more value on the food that ends up on one´s plate. Nowadays food means more to me than self-preservation. Here´s one of my favourite dishes I prepare all the time. The falafels I buy from immigrants who are seeking asylum and the rest I chop and fry on a whim.
First flowers of the spring. I have always loved the bold color and the fringes that remind me of yarn.
I quess it´s obvious from this picture I have started to cook and garden with yarn. The winter was particularly long and nothing grew until now so perhaps this compensated for the loss. Also using scrap yarn is part of my goal towards “zero waste”. Re-using, composting, etc. are all ways to avoid throwing things to trash and create new value and purpose.
Of course all of this is connected to money. Spending on everyday survival –such as food– is wise. A croissant is 0,50€ but still a luxury.
More effort = appreciation. If something takes a little longer, what´s the harm? It should be a pleasure. And in the long run you probably save time (and money). if you care for something particular, settling down with something else won´t cut it.
Perhaps the formula of inspiration is taking something and turning it into something else. Also seeing verisimilitude in surrounding things. I guess people fascinated by textiles find pleasure in nature, food and materials because they´re so connected with the senses. It´s obvious everything you can get your hands on will do it.
A year ago I finished my master´s thesis on the art of bricolage. Bricolage refers to “make do” what you have. Even though I´m fed up with my study I may have developed habits based on what I picked from that work. Also I have begun to think bricolage would make perfect sense as an aesthetic and economy in the arts, life and in general but also in my personal life (lifestyle, health, money etc.).
Gardening and plants kindly point to organic. Be it forms or natural processes. There´s so many beautiful and interesting textures, forms and color combinations right in front of us. Sometimes it´s overwhelming.
Everyday I care less what I´m working with. Of course I care A LOT what I do (with my time) but LESS what I´m actually creating or growing. And oddest thing is, that it feels as if I am doing the same thing whatever I´m working with.

This is my 301st post and perhaps that´s the reason I put an effort to write down some of my rambling thoughts. Thank you for reading these random sentences and trying to connect the dots.

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  1. Life is all about those rambling thought and repetitive actions. It’s great that you can stop to get some distance and reflect on the journey to appreciate beauty in the everyday activities and chores that make up our daily lifestyle.

  2. Kieran says:

    This was so beautiful to read!

  3. Judith says:

    A lovely post!

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