I think I have reached the peak of slow warping. I made this cotton-linen warp back in February and still I have at least half to thread. My thought behind of all this was to make bathroom towels for the cottage instead of buying something I really couldn´t afford (or want) but it has taken a little longer I thought…
I am going to weave this -eventually- with my small loom which I have here in the cottage. I will have my first try with waffle weave which I have always loved. Even before I had my eye on weaving.
More obstacles. When I had whole afternoon dedicated to this thing I noticed I was running low on heddles. I had to wait the seller would show up in the marketplace nearby to get my hands on these. It´s so odd this craft is nowadays so underground you have look up on the internet when the dealer will come in your part of the country to get a decent deal on tools and materials…
All heddled up.
But then something like this happens outside and you go on and grab your camera and run out of the door. Maybe tomorrow -or someday.

How long it has taken you to warp? I´m curious.

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  1. Camila Faria says:

    Your work is amazing. And that sky, oh my! <3

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