Last weekend I had time to sow first seeds. I should have done it weeks ago but life happens.
I sowed two varieties of chili peppers. I still have last years plants alive (but not kicking) that gave massive crops. But since I had seeds and all the supplies, I sowed 18 seeds more. Well see how many germinates…
The varieties I´ll grow this year are quite common: ‘Cayenne’ and ‘Hungarian Hot Wax’. Hungarian Hot Wax I grew last year too and I really liked it and it doesn’t´t mind a little bit cooler weather. And the Cayenne seeds were given by my co-worker.
I found this water bottle hack from the internet a few years ago while I was looking for a fix to watering seedlings. It works like a charm: just drill a couple of tiny holes to the cap and you´re done! Cost 0€ and perfect for the job!

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