Recently I finally got around to buy a new computer that would actually run one or two of the programs I use. When it came to buying a sleeve after spending a ridiculous amount of money I decided to decline and make one. Here it is.
I had this crazy 80s (or 90s) print in my never ending Kosmos stash that catched my eye. I knew it would perfect. It´s very good quality cotton and printed in Finland (those days!).
I thought this project would work as an entry step into quilting because obviously a laptop sleeve needs padding. Here´s two things I don´t particularly like: quilting (with batting) and bias tape. I made a few trials and was ready to go.
But since there´s a greater goal in sight I had to tackle the bias tape and quilting and this project made me more confident. I guess it´s no surprise I wish to sew a Tamarack jacket by Grainline.

I still have no clue how a bias tape is supposed to sew. But this time it came out perfect. First I attached it from the inside and then “topstitched” in place from the front side. Neat!
All in all this is a hit. The fit is spot on and I really like look. It does it´s job and cost perhaps 1€, barely.

P.S. If you haven´t already, go on and read thoughts on Sasha´s new dress. Very insightful words on sewing.

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