Last Christmas I sent out a few gifts by mail. This time (and almost every year) I´m too cheap and lazy to buy some wrapping and end up using old magazines, calendars and yarn scraps for wrapping gifts. But I think they turned out alright.
This pair of socks is one of my favourite patterns by Nancy Bush (from Knitting Vintage Socks) and I have made so many pairs over the years. The yarn is also hand-dyed by me. Always going for the perfect middle gray.
These fingerless mitts I sent to Helsinki for a friend of mine who´s a passionate bike fixer. I was already told “they fitted like glove”…
The gray socks travelled to Paris with this olive green pair. I think hand knit socks might be something that is quite difficult to come by in Paris.
This phone pouch/sleeve I crocheted for a friend of mine who has the same phone as me and actually use something like this. One time when we were in a bar she pointed out her current one was hideous (quite rightly so) and I thought she would enjoy a replacement.

I like sending out gifts because it kind off takes the changing of the gifts out of the equation. And of course it´s super-special to get a gift by mail these days.

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  1. Valerie says:

    I LOVE the socks….. I’ve been knitting socks recently. I would love to find this pattern !

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