I am a little surprised how many fans Tati has on the internet and in our home town. I know he´s perfect but I guess it shines through from the images as well. Last Christmas he turned three years and it´s amazing what kind of character he´s developed. All these pics are from 2016 and pulled from my Instagram account.
The best thing: I can trust him and not use leash. In fact I only use it for appearance because dogs aren´t allowed to walk free in Finland.
Hundreds of coffee breaks last year. In the right pic we were celebrating my new job.
Red and apricot miniature poodles became a BIG trend in 2016. We´ll see how it goes.
We picked anemones for Mother´s day and cheered for Hillary.
Took walks around the allotment area and met nice people & dogs.
At work. My job is very dog-friendly and surrounded by forests and fields. We go about as we like and he keeps me company while I´m doing museum chores.
He test drives all my weaving work.
Sleeping creatures are so fascinating.
Tati can observe for hours on end.
Last October we travelled to Gotland, my favourite place. In the middle of nowhere -off-season & starving for food- we ran into creperie named after him. It still feels unbelievable.
He´s up for anything. I often refer to him as a Boy Scout.
Member of our movie nights.
Forests and lakes.
Can´t sleep even nothing happens.
Looking forward to new adventures with my best & furriest friend. Ahoy!

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