_mg_7058I have tons of photos from the allotment so I guess these posts keep on coming to get me through the cold and dark winter.

These crops were harvested mainly in July. I miss my plot so much and I can´t wait for next summer. In fact I plan to live there whole summer. Luckily soon I can start planning next year´s planting etc.
_mg_7065I had no idea how nice these mini basil plants would grow. I got the seeds for free because they were last year´s stock and gave barely any attention to them. Still they became so beautiful and tasted pretty strong. I potted the plants and brought home and gave some of them to my friends. Will definitely sow these again next summer.
_mg_7073Kohl rabi became an instant favourite of mine. I sowed first batch of seeds too early and had to throw overgrown seedlings away but the second batch was sown directly to raised beds and they grew very quickly. I had a year with other brassicas but these remained almost unaffected. Next year I will sow them directly and not too early because I have learned my lesson.
_mg_7200New Zealand Spinach was also a random choice because I also got these seeds for free. Luckily I tried them out, homegrown spinach taste a lot better, especially the baby leaves. At times we kept well in pace with new leaves coming out but eventually the plant took over. It grew very quickly and I was able to fill my freezer with new foliage.
_mg_7075My mum gave me one gherkin seedling and to be honest this plant suffered throughout summer. It did gave several gherkins but it was outgrown by courgettes in the same bed. Next year I will grow more of these and less courgettes. In fact this was one of my favourite plants last summer.
_mg_7080Last summer´s biggest crop without a doubt was given by courgettes or summer squashes. I planted two seedlings in one small-ish raised bed and they gave MASSIVE crop. In fact I grew very tired of courgettes during the summer and they just kept on making more until it was surprisingly cold. They grew so quickly that many times I wondered how ANYTHING can grow this quickly. And of course it was a lot of work to cut them down every week.
_mg_7197Oh well, lot´s of veggies this time and slowly I start to realize what I like the best. If you have some good ideas what to try out next year, all the tips are greatly appreciated!

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