Sometimes using up stash fabric scraps can result in most pleasing projects. This is the case with my new tailor´s ham and sleeve roll.
I had these fabrics with diagonal checks in black and white colorways. They´re from mid-seventies and they were designed by one of my favourite finnish designers, Vuokko Nurmesniemi.
The idea of tailor´s ham and sleeve roll I got from Merchant and Mills´ Sewing Book. Being such a nerd that I am, I drew the pattern for tailor´s ham with autocad. To be honest I draw a lot of random stuff with autocad because it so easy after years of heavy use.
.Making smaller projects for a while is very satisfying. It feels awesome when you can finish something in just one night. In the meantime I was baking ginger breads etc.
Well, stuffing the sawdust was not that fun. It resulted in total mess and took a lot longer than I thought. Also, it´s really hard to tell when to stop…
The best lesson I learned with these was better hand stitching. And now I have tools that look way better than readymades. I think the next sewing space improvement will be new cover for the ironing board because as you can see from the first picture it looks very untidy and has even holes in it. Luckily Merchant and Mills´ book has directions for doing that as well!

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