_mg_9578I have been a little under the weather lately because I haven´t had a lot of time for my hobbies. Still, I have been making a few things, frustratingly slow though. One of the projects that I have picked up every now and then is the Granito sweater.
_mg_9580Granito by Joji Locatelli is a boxy sweater with a few clever details. It´s nice to knit with an actual pattern for a while and it has taught me some new tricks. I´m making the pattern in size L (aiming to size S) because of the gauge so there´s quite many stitches to knit…
_mg_9582Granito came out with a perfect timing. Drops had just released a new yarn that I was eager to try out because it finally filled the gap that their range had. This sweater is knit with Flora, alpaca and wool mix. The yarn is perfect: it creates beautiful surface (even unblocked) and it has alpaca qualities but the lambswool part keeps it together well. Still not a fan of 100% alpaca…
_mg_9685In the meantime I have created a little sewing corner in the attic. I decided that sewing is here to stay so I dedicated a little space for it. Finally I have the machines out of my way. Another pattern that I had my eye on for a long time was the Alexandria Peg Trousers by Named Clothing. I had this cute (and quite special) cotton flannel from the Kosmos stash and decided to make a toilé / pajama pants out of it. I can´t believe how many beautiful fabrics I´ve already pulled out of it and there´s some many to come!
_mg_9687As you can see, I altered the lower part of the front and back pieces by widening them and adding some lenght. I wanted these winter pajama pants to be roomy and long enough to be warm and comfortable. I quessimated all the measurements but they seem pretty accurate. This time around I got the pattern-matching spot-on so there´s been some noticeable development in my sewing ;-)
_mg_9697But the piece of fabric I had was very narrow, only about 1 meter or so. I ran out of fabric as I assumed and decided to make the pockets from scrap fabric. In fact I used R´s old tossed shirt that was lying around for rag rugs. The solution came out fine I think.

I will do a follow-up on these later but for now I wanted to wish you all a happy December! I already have a christmas hang-over since I have been photographing a christmas book that was already released, decorating a home museum for christmas and organizing a big christmas event + dinners so this song is all of the christmas that I hope for the rest of the month.

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3 Responses to Sewing & knitting

  1. Ana says:

    I love the two uneven seams that you added to Granito!

  2. Danielle says:

    I just started knitting the Granito and am having some trouble… would you be able to answer some questions for me regarding the pattern? Thanks,

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