_mg_7685I didn´t plan to grow tomatoes this year but it just happened. In fact I grew them so much that I have given loads of them to my friends, co-workers, neighbours etc.
_mg_7048 Here´s the first sighting of them in the beginning of July. I was very surprised to see them because I grew these outside and thought either me or the weather would mess things up.
_mg_7050I have four plants in raised bed and one in metal container. The three little plants were given by my mum and the two bigger ones by my friend. All of them survived through summer although at times they were very badly neglegted.
_mg_7053Here´s the four first tomatoes I picked. They were delicious. I must admit that in the upcopming winter I won´t buy any because after these it will be such a big disappointment.
_mg_7659The plant in the metal container was particularly productive. At the moment it supported by atleast ten canes because of it´s continuing massive crop.
_mg_7679As the weather got colder in August I thought the season would be over but even more tomatoes popped up. I don´t know what I did right with these tomatoes. To be honest watering was the only thing I every now and then remembered to do.
_mg_7892This was the situation yesterday before they were picked.
_mg_7912And this is what I came home with! Next year I will grow them again but during winter I will look into different varieties and how to care for them (properly). If you have a variety you can vouch for, please let me know!

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5 Responses to The case of tomatoes

  1. Cocos Loft says:

    Oh, I can just taste them. And smell that certain little odor that the stems have, just picked. How wonderful!

  2. rachel says:

    How lovely! My sungold tomatoes and black cherry tomatoes were pretty prolific this year, especially the former. Your plants look gorgeous.

    • Niina Niina says:

      Thank you for your comment that led me to your blog. I love the idea of black cherry tomatoes. Perhaps next year…

  3. De Lochting says:

    How cute! I’m a real tomato lover. This year I had a few plants, but next year I will put a greenhouse in my garden containing more species. If I may recommend you one species? The ‘green zebra’ tomato is really fantastic. The tomatoes are green with stripes and super juicy. On my blog you can find the species I will plant this year. Good luck!

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