_MG_6861I while back, I can´t even remember when, I placed an order to Merchant and Mills. Opening the package was pure joy I seldom get from buying stuff. That´s one reason I prefer making… But anyways, I had ordered haberdashery items, the Camber set pattern and some fabric. The waffle and the paisley block print. I loved both but for some reason I struggled on cutting the paisley one.

I had these three fabrics reserved for summer sewing. I had already made the Camber dress from the waffle fabric but I still had the leftovers. The black polyester I bought for some kind of culottes very affordably. Now I plan to make the Strides out of it. And the paisley just had to be a dress.
_MG_6863 I have had my eye on Named´s Lexi A-line dress for a while and decided to use the paisley block print fabric for it. Nevermind the front darts that mess up the pattern because the dress looked so easy to wear + Named is a finnish pattern company so naturally I had to try their pattern.

I cut straight size 4 /36. I had just enough fabric to squeeze in all the pieces. I ended up putting one piece of neck lining upside-down to fit everything but atleast the pattern matches to the point it really can with handprinted fabric.
_MG_6870And for the waffle leftover fabric I cut another Camber. This time the tee version and cropped 10cm from the hemlime and made a split hem. I wanted to have a crop version of this fitted tee to wear with the culottes. Well, at this very moment I haven´t even started the culottes but have worn this item so many times. It´s just perfect, so cool (as it is linen) and comfortable.
2_verticals With the Lexi dress I ended up making some adjustments to the sleeves. I wanted short sleeves instead of long sleeves of the pattern and I wanted to fold them. This dress is already finished but haven´t had the right weather to wear it.

As for following summer sewing I could use one or two plain t-shirts (as I have only two decent ones) and the culottes. I hope I have time to do a little sewing because it´s so much fun & at last results in actual wearable clothes.

What have you been sewing for this summer?

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6 Responses to Summer sewing

  1. Kieran says:

    That fabric is beautiful! Nice work on getting the most out of your purchases.

  2. Claire says:

    Great pattern matching on the red dress. I’ve been trying to finish a pair of shorts and a couple tshirts for myself, but moving and other sewing projects seem to get in the way. I just finished a t-shirt quilt for my sister who graduated from university.

    • Niina Niina says:

      Oh, I hope you get your sewing space sorted out asap. I can´t wait to have more time in autumn anddo some more sewing etc.

  3. gingermakes says:

    The Lexi dress is so, so cute!! Perfection! Not too much sewing going on over here as I’ve just moved and everything is in boxes! :) I’ll have to live vicariously through your sewing!

    • Niina Niina says:

      Thank you Sonja! I hate moving more and more every time so I feel you. But after you´ve settled down and established a craft space it´s all worth it.

  4. Nilla says:

    Hi and greetings from a fellow Finn! Your fabrics look beautiful!

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