_MG_6936In June some crops were ready to harvest. Basil, dill, spinach, swiss chard and calendula.
_MG_6943In my case the cottage is really a key to a healthy diet, wouldn´t you say?
_MG_6908 After working for almost 2 months in my new job I finally had time to knit something. I was inspired by all the cabled socks patterns out there and visited cables for a long time. I have also dyed the yarn.
_MG_6946I got a late start with kitchen garden this year because I was too scared to plant anything because of our crazy weather. For some reason I have had plenty of problems with brassicas but all the rest seems to be doing very well.
_MG_6930Actually none of this is from my plot. But I seem to crave simple and healthy foods when I´m outdoors.
2_verticalsMy mum gave me tiny annual flowers but they have grown so big. Also we had a special quest visiting for a few days and she really brought good wibes with her.

And last but not the least, Aldous Harding is playing in my home town. Looking forward to it! Happy & relaxing weekend!

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