2_verticalsIt feels so strange to be back here writing because spring has just flown by so quickly. I got a new job and I must say it has kept me busy. Having a sort of dream job does take it´s toll on hobbies especially because now there´s so many interesting things to do.

But the reason why I feel I have missed spring is actually quite true when it comes to weather. For months it was cold and then we got a few days of hot summer weather and things started rolling in high speed. It seems that all the flowers have already bloomed that we usually wait until midsummer. The biggest joy in my cottage garden was the apple blossoms. Atleast one of the two apple trees I planted last year survived the horrible winter we had!
_MG_6537Of course I have big plans for the kitchen garden this year as well. Last year I got a bumper crop from the raised beds and will be doing the same thing but with some new plants and different varieties. I grew peas, broad beans, radish and calendula last year but for example runner beans, french beans, dill, carrot and swiss chard are new. Can´t wait swiss chard to grow because I have never tasted it.
_MG_6541This year I have one box more than last year. Still it feels like I have a lot less space because I am cramping in more varieties. We´ll see how that goes! I made a preliminary planting sketch but I assume it will live it´s own life. But the main idea is to focus on brassicas, beans and roots. Last year my favourite crops were kale, broad beans and herbs so I quess I should follow that order.
_MG_6544Even though the kitchen garden looks almost identical to last year´s it has taken a lot work. I moved all the boxes slightly closer to the border of the plot and put a fabric between the boxes to keep the weeds away from the paths. I also levelled the whole area and it involded taking out many wheel barrow loads of stiff clay. You can´t really see from the pictures but it looks a lot better and now there´s room to move with wheel barrow as well.
_MG_6556All this work took place approximately two to three weeks ago. Two weeks ago I got around to sow most of the seeds and after all the hard work I bought two courgette seedlings from the garden center my mum works this summer. I planted them out, fearing the frost would get them, but now they´re already looking massive.
_MG_6558 I got this mint as a small plant from my mum but in these two weeks I have already digged it out this bed because it grew massive roots and tripled it´s size. At the moment I am looking into solutions how to keep this plant from taking over my kitchen garden. I knew mints are like that but never realized the speed these plant grow.
_MG_6555All in all the cottage looks and feels quite like home already. Of cource the yard is covered only with weeds but I will be planting more gradually (as my budget allows). One highlight of the cottage is the table, sofa and chairs I bought online and picked up nearby. Now I´m all set out for sunny weather and breaks on the terrace. And what a joy it is to have the cottage almost ready and focus on the garden.

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