_MG_6756After a long wait things are starting look lush and green on the plot. I sowed more broad beans and runner beans to fill in the gaps in my kitchen garden and cottage front beds.
_MG_6719I made a new bed near the terrace and sowed salad, rocket, corn salad/mâche and coriander there. I don´t have high hopes for this crop because last year I gave in the battle against the pests that I ate all my rocket. I hope coriander would atleast pull through because I absolutely love it.
_MG_6730 These roses bloomed almost two weeks before the Midsummer, but nevermind that. When they were in bloom I planned to split a piece from one deserted one but after a few days of their bloom I changed my mind. I just can´t afford to put anything that temporary on my small plot.
2_verticals_1The biggest news regarding my plot is that now I actually have two plots. In spring we were asked if we would like have a separate plot for potatoes, roots etc. and I hesitantly said yes. The city prepared -although very roughly- the ground for us and it´s free of charge. It measures approximately 9×10 metres. The location of the plot is very pretty as you can see.
_MG_6738To be honest at this point I have no clear idea what to do with this land. I have never grown potatoes so I guess I will give it a try because I hate to carry them home from supermarket. Also I wish to have black and red currants so they could go here… I hope to make this plot above all beautiful but I am a little scared of the weeds that will need a lot of work in the following years. Because at this point I have no neighbours I will have to use scythe quite often..
_MG_6747This little field has it´s perks: it´s sunny and the well is just a few meters away. I will have to build my own compost but the shared facilities are right next to it with proper tools etc. This summer I won´t be sowing anything here and might not start the whole thing until next spring. We´ll see how it goes…
_MG_6855Last but not least, I made very inspirational visit to Louhisaari Manor. I love this place because I feel I have travelled somewhere central Europe in less than one hour. Louhisaari has a brand new (historical) kitchen garden and I had to see it. I made a few new acquintances that I will be trying to grow next year. Amongst them were portulaca/purslane and cicely.

I wish you all had a memorable Midsummer!

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