2_squares1Here´s the third batch of photos of allotment plot from last summer. You can read the previous post here. This post is very photo-heavy but atleast finally we´re seeing some crops!

Last summer was very rainy with only few sunny and warm days. I took my bicycle to plot a few times and to my surprise found the route quite quick, even with my old bike. I brought strawberries for a snack but hopefully next year or even this year I have my own strawberries to pick.
_MG_1864It was a sad bit of news to find out that the barn were to be torn down. It was such a good windbreaker and nice looking building to view.
_MG_1886But the good news were that I was able to collect old bricks from the site. For free. It´s even still unsure how these multiple times used bricks will cope with winter weather but fingers crossed. I plan to make something with them in the kitchen garden.
2_squares5Lot´s of coffee breaks during paintwork and gardening.

And the elderflowers were blooming. I was pretty lazy with them and let them produce seeds instead of flowers. Atleast now I have big stock of seeds to grow this year.
2_squares6More breaks with quick snacks and tea. Licorice became my favourite flavour and I will always remember last summer from the taste.
2_squares4This picture on the left hand side is taken quite early in the spring but these show how I levelled the ground little by little and sowed a lawn to the back of the plot. This work is nowhere near ready though…
_MG_1877For the sake of dreaming I laid some of the bricks between the raised veggie beds. Immediately the kitchen garden look a lot better. Of course the weeds took over quite quickly but it helped me to visualize what I might be going after this year. I just can´t make up my mind about the lay-out and size of kitchen garden…
2_squares2Broad beans, peas and onions.
_MG_1882The cottage is looking much better. I grew to like the bright yellow very quickly.
2_squares8I never thought I would get so much to eat from eight beds. In fact the crops were so huge I gave bags full of veggies to my friends. Especially kale and broad beans gave terrific crops.
_MG_2000At home my begonia was thankful for the new soil and produced a big fans of flowers a few times during summer.
2_squares3More radish and kale. Halfway through the enourmous kale crop I realized I can make crisps out of them. It´s so ridicilously easy and super-tasty, not to mention healthy.
2_squares7I think some of you even asked on instagram if I was getting fed up with kale. The answer is NO. I can´t wait to grow more this year! It´s very expensive to buy and mine tasted better.
_MG_2003The onions and kale were still some of the things I did not get totally right this time around. At some point some of the onions were attacked by maggots. It might have been the wet weather or me planting them too deep or something else. And the kale got few hits of white cabbage flies. I have plans not to repeat these mistakes next year. But still I carried so many bags of food from the plot I honestly lost my count.
2_squares9Salad´s taste was also a bit too bitter so I will have to look into that. The peas were awesome although I had shabby support for them.
_MG_1896My little companion. I love him to bits.
_MG_2022When the crops started to diminish I filled in by foraging the woods. Lots of chanterelles. I love picking mushrooms but to be honest I eat them very seldom. I pick them for R.
2_squaresI can´t wait to start this season with gardening. I know it will take many weeks before I can start digging because we still have thick blanket of snow and even more on the way.

In the meantime I would be so grateful for tips on designing the layout of kitchen garden. I have plan to use some kind of crop rotation but still keep the beds looking interesting with different kind of companion plants etc. So if you know any good links on this matter, please let me know. Thank you.

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  1. gingermakes says:

    This is so inspiring! I have a very small flower patch in front of my apartment building but I hope to have a kitchen garden one day! So cool!

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