_MG_6281I had big building plans for Easter in the cottage but I catched a flu and everything changed. For the better. Instead, I got around to finish my potholder samplers and started Modern Swatches project (late I confess). Amanda´s project is fascinating and I can´t wait to get my hands on the book eventually. In the meantime I will be going through Marguerite Porter Davidson´s Pattern Book that Amanda gave me. It puzzles me how kind people you can get to know through internet.

I hope everyone had a lovely and quiet Easter! I´m off to weave more swatches, 17 to go…

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2 Responses to Easter weavings

  1. amanda says:

    Here I am, finally getting around to visiting all the blogs I’ve not made time to visit, and you’ve written all these lovely things! It is I who should be thanking you for making all these wonderful swatches for my little project! It’s just as puzzling to me that sixteen people agreed to spend so much time and thought on their lovely swatches, and you seem puzzled by me sending you that book ;) I hope you’ve been enjoying it, and getting lots of weave inspiration!!

  2. De Lochting says:

    This looks really cool!

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