_MG_5821I thought it was time for another scarf. I wanted to weave something light after rugs so I pulled out some lambswool from my ‘Kosmos’ stash. I had been eyeing that olive green for a while.
_MG_5824As it turned out I found many nice colours. It was hard to stick with my original olive+something plan. I think I will return to those hanks in the front row because now that I look at them I like them a lot.
_MG_5826After too much thinking I ended up with olive green, middle gray and royal blue warp.
_MG_5828Warps are always so beautiful at this point!
_MG_5832Because I took some of my furniture to the cottage I finally got move the loom downstairs. I had been thinking about it for a long time and it still feels a little scary to me. To live with that gigantic thing in the corner! I had it in the attic before and it sort of fitted there among all the other madness ;-)

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One Response to Scarf warping

  1. Olga says:

    What beautiful colors, I understand how it was hard to choose from! Where do you buy your yarn from?

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