_MG_5844I wove winter scarf / shawl for myself. I wanted to try out ´Barleycorn’ pattern which is very tiny broken twill. I had all the materials in my ‘Kosmos’ stash. This was project was full of small troubles I care not to mention anymore but it turned out well in the end. I´d love to make more scarves but at the moment I think won´t need any. Here´s a little picture story on the weaving process. Good day!

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5 Responses to Olive green scarf

  1. Anushka says:

    This is lovely, I wouldn’t have thought to put those colours together at all; but it really works!

  2. Nilla says:

    It’s a beautiful scarf with beautiful colours! I love in-progress photos!

    • Niina Niina says:

      I like in-progress pictures more too. But usually I´m making things in the middle of the night and don´t even remember to take photos ;-)

  3. gingermakes says:

    Oh wow, this is BEAUTIFUL! I want to learn how to do it!!!

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