2_squares1Today it was -15°C and that´s cold alright. But this year I am prepared. I have a new coat and a new hat, both handmade. I love them both and loved making them as much as I like wearing them.
villamohair The tale of this black wool coat begins with this fabric I received as a part of my ‘Kosmos Stash’ from which I´ve made items such as this and this. What is really exceptional with this black wool fabric is that it´s handwoven. Yes, it´s unique and luckily it fell right into my lap. As soon as I noticed it was handwoven I knew I had to do something special with it. Unfortunately I don´t know the fabric´s history and I have only a guess of the weaver but I suspect it was meant for a coat or some outerwear. It´s 100% wool: kid mohair and some coarser wool. The piece was just enough to make a coat of my size.
_MG_5165I searched the internet for a contemporary pattern for this but didn´t find anything that I had in mind. I almost went for the Gerard coat but decided against it because I was looking for a little more fitted shoulders and slight A-line effect. Soon I realised I would be better off with a vintage coat pattern because there´s loads of A-line coat patterns available. So I went with McCall´s 7027 Misses Coat, size 14. This pattern is very simple but offered variations I might go for in the future projects. I made a muslin for the front, back and the sleeve and found that I had to make the shoulder shorter/ less wide and cut off 4″ from the length, that´s all.
_MG_5413Unfortunately these pictures can´t show the deep and lushious black color of the fabric. First I was a little worried the fabric wouldn´t last very well but I have worn the coat a lot and after initial softening it´s been the same.

What strikes me as a surprise is that how warm the coat is. I can´t believe how warm that wool is. I used light Marimekko cotton twill for the lining and I guess the fabrics together is the reason for it to be a LOT warmer than my other wool coats.

Also, I made the coat oversize intentionally so that I could layer for the colder weather. I like the fit and the size, especially because the collar is a little smaller than nowadays is often designed.
_MG_5421The pattern had “welt” buttonholes or whatever they´re called but they seemed too scary to make from the fraying wool so I went with standard buttonholes. It seems that I longer feel scared of buttonholes, quite on the contrary. So a small win there with sewing skills…

The buttons I bought from this awesome local haberdashery that sell mostly vintage or second hand stuff. Probably these buttons either date the pattern or the fabric…
2_squares3Look how cute lining this thing has? With lining I wanted to add some ‘nowness’ to the coat in order to claim it mine. I had bought the fabric from Marimekko outlet in order to make a dress but felt it was too ‘busy’ for a dress so I just grabbed it and cut the lining out if.

The other new thing in these pictures is remote control. I´ve had that thing for ages but never thought of using one (except for long exposures). So excuse me for the awkward self portraits but really these are really the first moments I´m stepping in front of the camera. It´s kind of funny that the remote has gone almost extinct with selfie sticks but only now I try to learn to use one…
_MG_5408And last but not least: the hat. It´s Diode from Erica-Knits and I´ve run into the pattern on many occasions on the net. Perhaps the most profilic being Jen´s Neon Diode. This pattern is very good, an instant favourite. With this hat went for alpaca wool in marled olive/moss green. I wanted something quite low-key that would go with anything. But especially with the new wool coat in mind I have already cast on new Diode with something special…

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8 Responses to The coat and the hat

  1. amanda says:

    Niina!!!! I am so incredibly impressed with your coat – I have always wanted to weave yardage to make a coat for myself, and your coat is PERFECT! Part of the reason I have never gone forward and done it is because I’ve never seen a good pattern – I hadn’t thought to look for a vintage one. The pattern you picked is exactly what I want in a coat: simple, classic, good deep pockets ;)

    And what a good find with the handwoven fabric. I’m sure the weaver would be happy to see what you’ve made with their yardage.

    I hope you and your coat have many good days of wear ahead of you!

    • Niina Niina says:

      Thank you Amanda! That same pattern was available in many sizes in Etsy so I recommend grabbing one, just in case!

  2. Cocos Loft says:

    Great coat. It just looks like it must feel wonderful and cozy when you’re wearing it. And what fun lining fabric! I’ve been seeing the Diode hat a lot as well. I almost never wear one here in Florida, but I knit them anyway! and give them away. Fun to knit.

    • Niina Niina says:

      Diode is one of my favourite hat patterns. Just finished second one and hoping to find a reason to cast on another one…

  3. Käytännöllinen ja moneen sopiva tuo takki:) Onko tuo kaavasi 60-lukulainen? Mulla ollut tässä tekeillä viime päivinä yhdestä 60-luvun kaavasta pusero, tai jakku se minusta enemmänkin on. Voitin kaavan Evil Dressmaker-blogin arvonnasta vuosi sitten.

  4. This is a lovely lovely ensemble. So special and I’m very jealous you have access to Marimekko outlet fabrics! :)

    • Niina Niina says:

      Yes, but there isn´t that many fabrics (luckily some for clothing though) but they are very good quality and quite affordable. The outlet is in Helsinki so I can´t visit often…

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