2_skirtsLast summer I bought a second hand skirt for 2 euros. It was way (way!) too big for me but I liked the print and the lightweight cotton fabric. I thought this skirt could teach me something since I have not tried making things radically smaller before. Here´s the partially torn skirt on the left and modified on the right.
_MG_5727I can´t remember the size of the skirt but I think I had to cut off atleast 4″/10cm from both sides and therefore had to construct the pockets from the beginning. Also, I shortened the skirt and added lining. The skirt was lined but I ruined it by making it too small and then switched to rayon lining that would also make it less clingy (vs. cotton voilé).
_MG_5813All in all this skirt was a lot of work. But I am glad I went for it because I like the result. And because of this skirt I started to get interested in sewing other skirts too because to be honest I wear only one RTW skirt at the moment… I guess I am particularly picky when it comes to skirts.

Good weekend to you all! It´s snowing here, occasionally the flakes are almost the size of those rectangles…

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8 Responses to Second hand skirt

  1. Heissan! Tulin tänne katsomaan Hopeapeilin kautta. Olit ottanut aivan ihania luistelukuvia:)

  2. Marie says:

    Nice job! That kind of alteration is tricky. Looks great, especially with the dotty top. :-)

  3. Olga says:

    Beautiful fabric! Good for you that you could refashion the initial skirt. Wear it with pride!

  4. amanda says:

    I am picky about skirts too… But the fabric on this one is too great not to save. And 2 euros is practically free ;)

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