_MG_5763Even thought it might not look like one, this is a Lark Tee. Long sleeves, crew neck. Size 6. I wanted a flared / a-line shape so I cut up Lark´s front and back pieces according to SewStylist´s tutorial. You can have a look at my late night pattern alterations here.

In addition to the shape I altered hemline by decreasing 1″/2.5cm from the front and adding 1″ to the back. For a little bit longer sleeves I had to do the usual adding of 1″ that goes for all the Grainline´s sleeves in my case. In many ways this resembles Hemlock tee a lot (in regards to size) but I wanted to have the Lark´s shaped sleeves and shoulders as a starting point for a more fitted look.

The fabric is another cheap find I had already tried out with slightly smaller dots. But this print is a lot better with more spreaded dots.
_MG_5754And here´s the reason I took these photos outside. My dog Tati loves snow! We had this wonderful break of snow and it was too precious to be inside. He loves to be outside and often I feel I should do more things outdoors. In fact while I´m writing this he is sitting next to me gazing intensely and pleading to take him out again…
_MG_5790In many ways this t-shirt describes my clothing in general. I prefer long sleeves, small round necklines and flared shapes. With colours I almost always turn to heathered midtones or middle gray and with prints I go for dots. Polka dots seems to be a staple in my closet that I haven´t grown out.

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4 Responses to Polka dots & middle gray

  1. Cocos Loft says:

    Wonderful top! and I love polka dots too. thks for tips on reshaping the Lark, I’m going to take a look at it.

  2. Nilla says:

    That hemline is beautiful! You did a great job :)

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