_MG_5398I bought new dotted fabric in order to try a Lark tee mod. I have one shirt almost like this with smaller dots but this size looks even better. I love dots and can´t remember time before my trusty dotty t-shirts. I feel almost obliged to have one, I really do.
_MG_5453Dots seem to pop up everywhere. I got an Yayoi Kusama biography as a Christmas present and started a fairisle version of Diode hat. I had this idea of having snowflakes on a black hat that would translate into Diode hat quite naturally…
_MG_5459And there´s a small crackle weave rug almost finished as well. It´s made for the bathroom of the cottage but we´ll see. With this rug I went back to one of my trusted color schemes (light grey / dark-bray / purple) but used the treadling of the previous rug. The treadling sequence wasn´t planned, it just happened but I know I will use it again for future projects.
_MG_5461And last but not for least. I had some gift money to spend and decided to buy some tools from Merchant & Mills. This was such a nicely wrapped set of small packages that revealed many stunningly beautiful and useful items, such as scissors, pins, etc. I got some fabric too in order to tell myself that the summer (and warmth) will come…

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  1. Cocos Loft says:

    Fun post! I like dots as well, there’s just something about them – they grab you. I’m jealous of your M&M packages! Love their notions.

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