_MG_5161I am sure Christmas is the last thing in everyone’s mind but I will go on anyways. In Finland we have this tradition of christmas calendar or better known advent calendar. Basically it´s a countdown to Christmas Eve. Popular ones are the scout´s paper calendar, scratch cards, chocolate and tea calendars etc. But as a kid I always had a calendar that my mum had sewn. Every year it just magically appeared and caused severe excitement every morning when I got open one bag. The one I had was made of scrap fabrics that was used to sew my clothes so the patterns on the quilted backdrop were all very familiar and dear to me. It was special, no one else had anything like that.
_MG_5143So naturally I decided to borrow the idea my mum had come up with and make one for my favourite kid, my friend´s 1.5-year old boy. I thought it would be wiser to spoil him before Christmas because kids get so many presents. And besides, this thing could potentially be more versatile, just think of education, everyday stuff, recycled things, memorabilia and found treasures. So just few days before the beginning of December I started to make one in the middle of the might. I had scrap pieces of vintage Marimekko and Vuokko fabrics and just sewed the pieces together with serger. I made bags according to what I got. Actually I made two sets of bags because I gave one set for my mum to give as a present.
_MG_5146The bags were super-easy to make and you can get away with little fabric. It´s good to have different size of bags.
_MG_5131I finished the opening by folding the fabric inside. I could have done this step with double-fold or trim but to be honest I had no time and I wanted to keep the edge as thin as possible.
_MG_5150Next year and the following years I only have to fill the bags. This time I didn´t have much time to collect the items so I had to resort to sweets, toy (cars mainly) and small knick-knacks. I am aware that this calendar adds up ‘komono’ that must of us have already too much. I have set goal to collect wisely this year and seek out things that are easily put to use, recycled, foraged and/or totally free of charge. This year I think the vegetable seeds, fossils from Gotland and beach stones I had collected from Spain with his mother were the gems of this calendar.
2_verticals_calI was told this thing was an instant success (but of course I knew that already). I am looking forward next December because he´s one year older and I get to think of new ways to surprise him!

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2 Responses to Advent calendar

  1. Cocos Loft says:

    What fun! We had an Advent calendar when I was growing up, and an Advent wreath with 5 candles as well. This is such a thoughtful gift and great idea.

  2. Anushka says:

    It looks so beautiful, what a lovely gesture

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