_MG_5047I made a flannel shirt. The pattern is Archer by Grainline Studio. I made size 4 without any alterations because I was pretty certain how it would fit after making many other patterns from Grainline.
_MG_5066With this particular project in mind, I was set to improve in matching plaids. My last project with plaids wasn´t a total success but now with a walking foot and more knowledge about cutting the pieces I think I got it right. Also, the cotton flannel fabric was very easy to sew and the details will hold up to closer inspection, yay! And look how perfect buttons I found at the local haberdashery!
_MG_5069Even though this pattern is pretty much perfect as it is I might go for a few alterations next time. The length is fine but 1″/2.5cm wouldn´t be too much either. And I might try to snip off 0,5″/1.2cm from the shoulder width if I wanted slimmer and more fitted shoulder line. But these are really minor details to the overall good proportions of the shirt.
_MG_5365I have been living in this plaid flannel shirt for days. It´s so warm and fits very well. I am a little unsure about the log-lady-meets-lumberjack style though… But never mind if it makes you happy, right?

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4 Responses to Log lady flannel shirt

  1. Cocos Loft says:

    Very cute! I made a flannel shirt this season as well – lumberjack or not, they do feel good. Nice matching!

  2. amanda says:

    It looks great!! You did a wonderful job matching the plaids. I have archer all cut out, I’ve just never been brave enough to give it a try…!

  3. gingermakes says:

    This is beautiful! I love it on you!

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