_MG_1590This what happened on my plot last June. You can read the first part here. To be honest by June this cottage was supposed to be ready. Oh well, didn´t happen and it was ok. The summer was very rainy so it was better to focus on the cottage anyway. In the beginning of June the cottage (or cottages) had walls and the painting could begin.
_MG_1518From the inside the cottage looked very unfinished but it had the loveliest light because the roof had only one layer of plastic to cover it from the rain. I wish I could have left it like that with see-through ceiling but quite soon it was covered and insulated…
_MG_1543Tati enjoying the wild meadow and the wildlife. He looks very happy and content in this picture but to be honest he doesn´t quite understand why we work for hours in this place instead of playing etc.
_MG_1670In June the kale grew stronger. The summer had been so cold so I never covered them for the fear of pests. But at this point we had a small heat wave and immediately the white cabbage flies came to lay their eggs. I had to crop a lot from the kale plants and felt like I was growing them for someone else. I remember I was a little insulted for their visit but luckily it did not harm them much.
_MG_1580This view has been etched to my memories as a break from hard work that felt very satisfying. It was Summer and I had a small glimpse of future summers (and winters) in this place.
_MG_1668The ox-eye daisies started to bloom and for me this flower describes the whole place so well. It´s a little outdated but still so fresh and friendly.
_MG_1597 The whole village of tiny cottages are spread around the modest main house on the hill. That´s were our shared functions (sauna, laundry, kitchen, etc.) are located.
_MG_1523The kitchen garden was a small haven from the construction. I divided my days to hard work and gardening. Not saying that gardening isn´t hard work… The summer took care most of the gardening though. It rained when it was needed and new soil had very few weeds. From this picture it´s apparent that the kitchen garden had small impact on the whole look of the place but it was essential to see it grow and develop. It really helped with less fascinating chores.
_MG_1806 By the late June the plants had grown and things started to look green and lush. Here´s two batches of broad beans and calendula.
_MG_1673The cottages had windows installed and put a roof on top. We used cottage to hide from rain and drank coffee and tea and ate cinnamon rolls.
2_squaresI the end of June I picked up my first homegrown vegetable. It was a tiny radish called ‘Cherry Belle’. I will definitely grow them next year because it´s so quick and they´re quite expensive to buy.

I foraged wild flowers because my plot has none. I love cut flowers and look forward to grow my favourite varieties and pick them as I like.
_MG_1810More greens. At this point I started to harvest kale and radishes for our own cooking. The broad beans had a lot of flowers and luckily our neighbour (gardener) had brought her bees to live right next to us.
_MG_1817I love chives: the taste and especially the looks. I might plant more of these to the flowerbeds just because of the flowers.
_MG_1820By the end of June every time I visited the plot I came home with a bag full of veggies and herbs to eat. We had a lot of dishes with kale, such as this kale omelette with onions and radish + lemon thyme. Eventually I found out kale is also perfect for chips/crisps. So healthy, easy and delicious.
_MG_1823At this point the cottage started to look very inviting. I love the deep sunflower yellow shade. It had to be yellow but I made it as dark and saturated as I had courage to stretch the interpretation of the correct shade. Well, it turned out very yellow compared to other light yellow cottages but it has been received very well.
_MG_1826This plot has neighbours that built their cottages over 20 years ago. It´s really a priviledge to start a garden with such a cute views on both sides. They´re kept so well. Also, it helps a lot to visualize the plot with full grown apple trees on the side. I get to see what fits and how big it will grow. Hopefully one day -soon- I get to pick an apple too.
2_squares2We travel by bus to the plot. It´s very convenient from our place and it really was a big deal when deciding on the whole plot. I might have a car one day again but at the moment it´s too convenient to not to have one.

‘Paratiisi’ is ‘paradise’ in Finnish and it´s written on the bus stop near our plot. I am looking forward next Summer – even Spring will do!

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  1. Cocos Loft says:

    I’m enjoying your cottage tale so much. Lovely.

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