_MG_5115Many of my clothing decisions circle around budget. I love luxurious fibers and I am very picky when it´s comes to wearing something next to my skin. I have made the mistake of buying something average and left the item almost unworn because it just felt wrong (and irritating). Often the quality I am looking for is out of my reach and knitting is one way to circumvent that. Plus, I get to do all the other design decisions myself! So for my quest of warm and cuddly winter scarf turned into DIY project. I had that lovely lace weight lambswool in stash (pictured on the right). From this on I will call it my ´Kosmos´ stash because that´s were I got the huge load of yarns and fabrics from. I knew I wanted to use that salmon pink yarn and paired it up with alpaca-silk yarn.
_MG_5116Knowing that I had to knit atleast 170cm of scarf with thin yarns in relatively short period time I had to find a stitch that would just fly by. Luckily I stumbled in to Purl Soho´s No-Purl Ribber Scarf. That stitch pattern works very well with thin yarns and thick needles (here 7.0mm) and forms a lovely loose rib pattern. It´s a breeze to knit.
_MG_5119This scarf is the softest and lightest scarf to wear but still very puffy as I wanted it to be. When it´s finished I think it will only weigh around 140g. The budget for these yarns is less than 9€ so managed to get a pretty nice scarf for very little money.
_MG_5118There is one problem though. I love knitting this and I am already a little sad that in 20cm it will be finished…

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