_MG_5000Today the light was so beautiful. And finally I packed my two finished rugs and took Tati out to play. This place was previously prison yard and it´ so strange it´s located only a few hundred meters away from our home and the city centre. I love this place and I walk here daily. Now they´re renovating the prison into apartments and building new houses all around this yard. Maybe after that this overgrown yard will transform into something useful too. I have to admit I hope it won´t…
_MG_5002Here´s two rugs from different warps. The left one is one the custom made rugs and the right one one the crackle weave rugs.
_MG_5030 Thanks to Amanda, I was able to identify the weave. I knew it was ´pohjalainen kilpikangas´ but she helped me to connect the dots to crackle weave. Oh, I wish we had a Finnish-English dictionary to these things –and why not count in more languages… I chose crackle weave because I didn´t want go “all the way” to Summer and Winter. I think this weave is a little lighter and the sections share common plain weave so it´s a lot less contrasty. With this particular rug I used blueish and neutral gray rags and combined them to various black rags. The striping sequence is totally random.
_MG_5010By the way, the right one (the crackle weave) is for sale in case someone is interested…
_MG_5008I don´t know what it is, but I could weave these dark gray and white zig-zags forever. Luckily someone else likes them too and for this one in return I get to choose an artwork by a dear friend of mine. Cannot wait!
_MG_5036I almost always make fringes to a rug. I like them because the result is much more relaxed. I would be curious though that what kind of finishing do you like in rugs? Fringes, hem, binding or braid?
_MG_5015Tati is almost two years old already. Time flies. Every day I feel grateful for such a great companion beside me. After having a dog I have been less social but a lot happier. I hope he feels the same way. I guess it´s about finding the right balance.
_MG_5043Oh well, this time I wanted to post something about weaving. My craft priorities are changing because sewing is so useful but weaving is definitely most fascinating… But don´t worry, I have new rugs on the loom.

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7 Responses to New rugs

  1. Britney says:

    They turned out just beautifully! Congratulations!

  2. amanda says:

    Niina, you’re too kind, I’m glad my suggestions helped! I LOVE your crackle rug – it turned out so beautiful, your colour choices are great. I’m also glad you love weaving those zig zag rugs because I love seeing them! Especially when Tati is lying on them ;)

    If I make a rug (I’ve only made three, maybe?) I’ve both left a fringe but also done a hem. I suppose it depends on where the rug is ending up – the rug in the bathroom has a hem, which is a bit tidier, while the one next to my bed has a fringe.

  3. Anushka says:

    Your rugs are so beautiful! I would definitely consider buying one if you ever decide to start selling them. Fringing on a rug always looks lovely, but a cleaner edge finishing is more practical for home use.

  4. Justyna says:

    Your work is just breathtaking! I’d love to cover all my walls with them…:) Everything is perfection; and by the way, photographs are amazing too! You’re definitely VERY talented.

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