_MG_4931I made another Grainline Linden cropped sweatshirt. My second Linden View B version was this black one and I wore it many times during summer because I like the shape and it´s comfortable. Actually I have one in thick wool too, but it´s reserved for chilly winter nights.
_MG_4943When I saw this fabric I could not decide whether it´s terrible or terrific so I felt strongly I should buy a little to find out. It´s geometric design has a lovely art deco feel but… It was only 6€ / metre (and I got only 1.2m) so my biggest concern was how useful this print would be. I like to get things that get worn and not waste. Also I still have no idea how well this double-knit lurex polyester blend will resist pilling etc. I bought similar double knit jacquard black dress from Zara a couple of months ago and the dress was ruined after the FIRST time I wore it because of pilling on the sides. That is unacceptable. I should have stayed off readymade clothes…
_MG_4941I made no alterations and used size 4 straight up. I knew it would be perfect fit although I could go a size smaller if I weren´t preparing for layers. Seriously I am freezing with exception of a few summer days in this country. Often I think how come I was born in this cold country?
_MG_4936That black skirt is my all time favourite. I bought it years ago and jumped up and down for finding it. Now it is starting look a little tired and I have concerns of it´s condition. But it seems that the Deer&Doe´s Chardon skirt has many of this skirts essential features: the box pleats, high waist, and pockets. I might have a go with Chardon Skirt.
_MG_4946Now that I have Lark one, Lark two, Linden two and Linden three (here) finished they make up a good (and matching) fall wardrobe for tops.

But for possible future sewing I have a big bolt of interesting black wool coat fabric in stash (I got it when I bought the big batch of yarns) that would make a nice coat. Any recommendations for a loose fitting or a-line coat pattern? I would be grateful for tips…

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9 Responses to Sparkly crop top

  1. Nilla says:

    I love your outfit! Ja sama suomeksi! :)

  2. amanda says:

    I think it looks great!! I don’t like wearing crop tops myself, but it looks great with that skirt!

  3. Kim says:

    Where can I purchase the panda figurine on your mantel? My niece collects pandas she would love that one.

  4. Marielle says:

    I love your top very much ! What a nice pattern ! I pin it ! (And I was in Turku a few years ago during holidays…)
    Marielle France

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