_MG_1480It´s been a while I have written anything about my plot. It´s simply because I have been so busy with it. I thought I would make small blog post series on the kitchen garden I had last summer. It gave me so much joy and lots of veggies to eat, but a lot of work too.

In the beginning of the growing season it looked like this. I had eight raised beds (the boxes) and two patches of turned clay to start with.
2_squares1Very early on I made friends with my almost next door neighbour Helka. She gave me forget-me-nots that she had grown there over two decades. I hope they survived from all the moving around the plot.

For the two square clay patches I sowed sunflowers and purple tansies in order to improve the soil and get some blooming flowers and buzzing bees.
_MG_1572Here´s my little helper standing on the purple tansy seedlings…
_MG_1544I grew kale from seeds at home and as soon as it was warm enough I planted the seedlings to the raised bed. I think I had about 15 plants and all but one made it through without any trouble.
2_squares2I also grew broad beans at home and I had no idea how fast they would grow. They became too tall because I had to wait for the weather to warm up. Still I decided to plant the seedlings and see how it goes. Here they look pretty sad but they did turn out great.
_MG_1546What happened with the broad beans was that they grew new main shoots because the first shoots were too tall and thin to raise up. Quickly the new shoots grew very strong.
_MG_1548The lemon thyme that I got as a gift last year started to look promising as well as soon I got it in the ground. In fact this was one of my dearest plants in the whole of garden because it´s taste was new to me. Now that I think of it, the summer of 2015 tasted like lemon thyme.
_MG_1567Helka gave me ox-eye daisies too. I think I will let them spread around because they go perfectly with the plot and cottage.
_MG_1557I keep wondering how Tati understood the borders of our plot from the beginning. He´s behaved so well that I have given up on the idea to build fences around the plot. Also I love it that we have our own path to the forest and he often plays in the meadow behind the plot.
_MG_1665So what´s planted here: purple tansies, sunflowers, onions, lemon thyme, chives, kale, peas, radish, broad beans, calendula, rocket, lettuce and basil. To be continued.

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5 Responses to Kitchen garden part 1

  1. Camila Faria says:

    Niina, your garden is absolutely gorgeous! I love how Tati is your little helper, so adorable! I’d love to have a big open space to make something similar. Very inspiring!

  2. hedgewick says:

    Your photos are all great. Do you use a camera or smart phone?

    • Niina Niina says:

      I use Canon DSLR mostly for the blog photos but I have an iPhone as well. Almost never I have enough light so proper camera helps with that.

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