silkLately I have been doing a lot of sewing and enjoying all the new things that have come across with a new craft, along with new and improved wardrobe. I think it was almost an year ago I decided to give sewing a go after many years and now I have been able to make clothes I like to wear. A big thank you goes to Grainline Studio patterns and instructions for that matter. They´re just perfect for my taste and use.
woolcrepeSince I felt like blogging again but my camera is on loan, here´s a few a scans of fabric options I have on stock. The one above is 100% knit silk and the below is wool crepe. Both wonderful stuff. You know, a few months ago I was offered to sell a big stock of weaving yarns and whatnot for very reasonable price. But what I didn´t know was that it included a wonderful fabric collection as well and these fabrics are part of it. The only problem is that I can´t decide what to do with them. Perhaps long-sleeved Lark Tee in silk for winter layering and a Scout Tee or cropped Linden Sweater in wool crepe? Better ideas?

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2 Responses to Black, always black

  1. La Fabrica says:

    Your lark tee is amazing. Where did you get the fabric? Thanks! Damiana

    • Niina Niina says:

      Hi Damiana,
      Both of these fabrics I got ‘second hand’ so I have no idea where they´ve been bought. Unfortunately.

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