_MG_1834Due to my leave of study I have had more time and less money. That is a perfect equation when it comes to sewing (and imagination for that matter). This summer I have sewed many items with a very small budget. And worn clothes that I feel comfortable in. Here´s one batch I made a week ago. The cropped sweatshirt and the dress are from the same pattern: Linden sweatshirt by Grainline Studio. For the shirt I made a view B without any alterations and for the dress I cut the same size, shortened the waistline 3cm (more cropped) and added a hem. Pretty straight forward.
_MG_1832I really like this granny-ish floral fabric for the colours and broad brush strokes. I have been leaning towards even muddier shades, perhaps because of the garden plot´s present state and the unexpected amount of freckles … This fabric was a bargain, only 5€/m and I did not need much. It’s cotton-viscose blend and was so easy to sew, press, etc.
_MG_1833This cropped sweatshirt is perhaps the favourite piece of clothing I have ever sewn. The pattern is so neat and the fabric looks good too. It´s a funny type of jersey where the front side is cotton and the back some kind of synthetic material. It´s quite light but keeps it´s form very well. I bought it as a leftover piece and would love find a similar fabric in another shade.

I have small leftover pieces from both of the fabrics. I think I will try to make something out of them too in order to mix and match some of these items. We´ll see how it goes!

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  1. La Fabrica says:

    Niina, It’s gorgeous! I also love Jen, all what she does. Is the fabric of the dress a knit?

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