_MG_1601Back to middle gray. This is the first rug from the long rug warp. The weave is almost certainly called crackle weave and ‘pohjalainen kilpikangas’ in Finnish.
_MG_1604The treading is very simple. Here I have used two patterns treadles alternating with plain weave treadles. I have two extra pattern treadles but I won´t be using them for this rug. Perhaps with the following alterations…
_MG_1598The only thing with rags is that weaving is quite heavy with good tension. Especially during summer when it´s warm. I´d like to weave more but then again I enjoy summer even more. Besides we´ve had quite chilly summer this far!

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  1. nice ! I just started with weaving . i was searching for poppana yarns. and find youre blog :)

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