This is the second of the custom made rugs. I was asked to do red and white diamonds. What a pleasant task and I happened to have just the right materials in stock. I gave it as wedding gift for our friends.
Weaving this rug was a relatively quick project that flew by because I had used similar threading and treading earlier. And there´s so much room to weave with only two shuttles for weft. Three is already a crowd.
A close-up that shows the pattern. I tried to balance white and red and that´s why the pattern is a little “off” because the colors switch places.
As with all the other chores around the house, Tati was supervising my work on these rugs too…

It´s been quiet here because I have been very busy with work and gardening. But I have been weaving rugs too, but more on that later. Take care and enjoy summer!

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4 Responses to Wedding gift rug

  1. amanda says:

    I love the red diamonds, it’s so classic. And Tati is just too cute!

  2. laura says:

    Lovely! how do you get those edgings so nice looking with two yarns?

    • Niina Niina says:

      With this one I used floating selvedges. I added extra warp ends to both sides which were not threaded though the heddles. And then wove so that the weft first went above the extra end and in the end below the extra end. This way you get plain weave type order on the sides and it makes things better, but not perfect in my opinion.

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