I while back I went to the plot to check how´s the soil. Tati came along. Found an old spade and dug a little patch. The soil was still very damp.
After the groundwork there was a massive heap of clay soil on the plot. Luckily that´s gone already. I took samples of the soil to be examined. I knew it was mixed clay but the results told me that it´s not in fact too bad: almost equal amounts of clay, sand and silt. The downside is that it´s quite poor of nutrients and lacks organic matter. It did not came as surprise but I think it´s interesting to know what I should address first.
But the good news is that the plot has a lot of worms. They´re already there helping me out! I am sure at this point the plot is showing it´s worst because it has been abused with heavy machinery. And the underground drainage around the cottage is still not working at this point. But I hope to improve it little by little.

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