After weeks of writing my master´s thesis I finally got around to start weaving again. First I have two custom order rugs lined up and I made a warp for them from this standard cotton. Only five meters or so.
The first part of this project looks very familiar. It´s my favourite elongated zig-zag pattern. I could do it even longer but this time the receiver liked the medium version more.
Perhaps why this pattern looks so good to my eye is because when laying on the floor, it looks quite odd, oriental and traditional at the same time. And when looking along the rug the pattern is very visible but looking from the side (perpendicular to selvedge) it totally breaks down.
But there is one thing that I haven´t totally cracked with this pattern when used on rugs. The selvedges. Every time I have woven this I have come up with better solution, but it´s still not perfect. There must be a way to get them perfect, I just haven´t solved it yet ;-)

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2 Responses to Custom order rugs

  1. amanda says:

    I love seeing your different versions of this pattern – it is definitely very classic, it will never look ‘bad’ – and Tati looks great lying on them too! :)

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