_MG_6395.jpgOk, this is big news. Here´s plot number 37. Last summer I decided to apply for an allotment plot and got one. Well, actually it wasn´t difficult because the plots have the rule for building a cottage and it really makes it much more difficult (and more expensive) to have a small plot to take care of.

But for us it is fine. We live in the city and this plot is 8km away from our home near the seaside. To able to enjoy garden and nearby nature relatively close to home without major load of work is something that sounds perfect for a summer home. But we´ll see how it goes. I am in fact a little bit terrified of all the new things. But I think that I have a few decades to get it right with garden etc.
puutarha_750px.jpg So, to get a picture of the whole thing I made a preliminary sketch.

I have already drawn the blueprints according to their wishes, applied for all the building permits and delivered additional plans for construction, water, ventilation etc. Worked out the money and stopped spending for anything else. And made a deal with a contractor that will do the major work, we´ll be doing finishing work. The contractor is an affiliate from work so I hope for the best…

The plot is a small one, only 325 meters squared. 26 by 12,5 meters. Facing south-west and ending with a meadow. The cottages are yellow in our part of area so ours will be too. I was hoping for a dark gray… but yellow is good too. The whole allotment concept is a little different in Finland, because usually the plots have a small cottage instead of a shed. So they´re more suited for leisure than work really. And this area has been established quite recently, only 25 years ago so it´s really more about having a community of small summer houses.

This will be an ongoing project. At this moment I have no idea where it will take. Every now and then I will post something related because it does occupy my thoughts… And one thing is for sure: my smaller loom will have a new home there ;-)

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