More sewing. Gives me so much pleasure to be able to piece together clothes. I don´t enjoy buying clothes so this a perfect solution. Well see, if I am able to manage with my own sewing. I have only bought one pair of jeans this year and they´re the exact same pair, same dye and size I bought before that. I often buy an identical replacement when something breaks. This is a Scout Tee by the way. Love it´s modern shape. I made a muslin version earlier to check the size so I know it´s going to be good. And the fabric is by Leah Duncan, love her work too.
Can´t but repeat that Jen of Grainline Studios has taught me so much about sewing in the few last months. I´m forever grateful to Jen for writing an information-packed blog in these times that thorough blog writing has become so rare. I learned to grade seams for example -what a difference!
I found a free pattern from Grainline called Hemlock Tee. I have a similar boxy tee in black that I have used a lot so thought I give a try to this one size pattern. I´m not sure yet but I might have to make it smaller, we´ll see. This purple fabric I found for very little money (less than 6 euros). It very thin but drapey, but might wrinkle.
These days I am dreaming of sewing and using books for paperweight (yes!). Writing the master´s takes on it´s toll. I don´t like to write essays, at all. It makes me sick, literally. Talking is fine but writing has always been a little battle for me. Just not my thing. To get through this I have set a very tight deadline so it means only few of moments like this in a week. But only a little more than a month left and then I have so many nice things waiting for.
Here´s Hemlock´s patterns cut. I have sewn two knit shirts and thinking of getting a walking foot for my machine. I assume it would help the stretching with hems and matching patterns… Do you think it´s any good?

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4 Responses to Scout & Hemlock

  1. RainDayPerson says:

    Have you tried sewing with tissue paper under your knits? Might work as well as a walking foot.

  2. lsaspacey says:

    Love your blog, came here via Grainline Studio. By the way, a walking foot is a great investment. I bought mine while taking a quilting class where it was required. However, I’m happy that i did because it has helped greatly. If you check my blog, the last few projects of mine have been striped tees and I’m pretty impressed with the stripe matching I was able to achieve. You won’t be sorry.

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