I saw this lovely herringbone knitting stitch used in Big Herringbone Cowl at the Purl Bee. I liked the idea of a cowl as well because I had been using one made of thin fabric. I like using cowls more than scarf because they´re more practical. So I headed to a new yarn shop in town and bought a few skeins of this thick merino for a cowl.
The other side of my coffee table is a mess. I have almost 50 books borrowed for the thesis and I can´t wait to throw them out for good.
I could not use the existing pattern because the gauge is different with this yarn. I did a small test and I hope it was´t too small too guess to measurements right. Knitting herringbone is so easy but I wish the backside would be flatter instead of horizontal rib.
Tati got a wash too. It´s amazing how different he looks in this picture. He´s sulking…

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