Oh well, there´s a first for everything. This is a first knit tee I have ever made. I have had a serger for years but I have not used it much. Finally I thought that I would use it or sell it. And after this t-shirt I will definitely keep it. Another thing I did with this tee was double-stitching the hemline, neckline and sleeves. What a difference in finished look. And functional too, because the double-stitch is stretchy.
The t-shirt pattern I used was Burda 3197. It had a wide separate neckline facing that I ended up almost cutting away. I think I might try to do the next one without this piece at all.
This fabric is perfect: marled middle gray with polka dots. And it was dirt-cheap and doesn´t wrinkle. One thing though with this tee: it could be smaller by one size or so. And as with sleeves usually in my case, they´re a little too wide. But still, it has already seen a lot of wear.
View from my room´s window. I have many projects on the side (for instance those rags in the corner) while sewing is taking the lead. But what I should really get over with is my master´s thesis. I have set a deadline but it´s still a little too far away to do other than procrastinate.
By the way those curtains on the picture above I sewed last summer. That was good enough excuse to post one picture of Tati while he was(n´t) helping me with the curtains and posing for the camera. Handsome devil.
And what I wouldn´t do to escape the writing work but also develop 7 rolls of film that had been lying on my desk for months…

And last but not least… watched this video on manufacturing cotton fabric. Almost broke to tears (not even kidding) by the time the fabric was printed because of the labor that goes on to making beautiful things.

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