After finishing the plaid cozy version of Alder, I decided to make another one. I had some cheap herringbone wool blend that I had bought without any plans. So I laid the pattern pieces and guess who understood that it was all laid for him?
After plaids, this was easy. But I wish I had a table to work on.
From the beginning I suspected that this fabric had quite a lot of polyester (or similar) in it because it has a sheen to it. I still haven´t decided that if it´s too much…
With two meters the pattern requires, I was left with this much fabric. I think I could do this dress with a half meter less. I hope I remember that next time.
All cut and stacked. The half a meter will continue to be cut for a rag for my rugs.
I think the sewing went pretty smooth and here´s the finished piece.
And the close-up of the fabric. Pretty graphic.
And me wearing the newest addition to my wardrobe. Next on my learning to sew -list: knitted t-shirts!

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4 Responses to Alder the 2nd

  1. Camila Faria says:

    Niina, this is gorgeous! I really love it, the fabric looks amazing. So pretty!
    And I love how Tati follows your projects up close. :)

  2. amanda says:

    This Alder is BEAUTIFUL! What a lovely fabric it is.
    I cut out the pattern for the Archer but I haven’t cut out any fabric or tried to sew one yet!

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