One day last year I sampled dyes for a good primary red and blue. Well, actually my target was more stormy blue and tomato red because it´s very hard to set your mind on an idea of colour rather than actual color. In the past I have had my crushes on primary colors but always settled on more earthy shades. This time my crush was probably triggered by flags with red and blue and white and my last January´s trip to the Netherlands where I found these pure colours everywhere. Also with blue in particular, it think it has always been discriminated in my palette.
Oh, and Tati wants to wish you all happy new year! He turned one 22nd of December and I can hardly call him a puppy anymore. He´s a handsome dog and learns very easily. Until December also very well-behaving but learned new tricks just before turning one… Nothing big, just a little mischievous when left alone. Others say it´s normal but for him it´s new to pick up yarns and put them somewhere else or dig soil from the pot of a plant. Nevertheless my dearest friend.
I got this feather duster as gift to R. I think he likes more to look at it than actually use it…
And here´s the final choice for tomato red. The yarn is wet but I like the color a lot. I had to dye it twice because first it came out too orange and washed-out looking. No idea for what I was targeting these colours. I just had to make them to get them out of my thoughts.
Bought a new bag for small things. I am not a purse person. It´s always a small shoulder bag plus backpack if I have to carry something. Or a tote/ canvas bag for groceries etc. This bag is very clever and rugged, I am glad I decided to buy it after a lot of thought. Towards the end of the year I became increasingly anti-shopping. Of course it had something to do with having less money on my leave of study but also because I have (finally) started to realize the value of my time. Also, buying something ready-made takes away the opportunity to make it yourself. And I dream making almost everything myself. Increasingly so.
Don´t you just love looking at him sleeping? I do.
And here´s two dyed skeins. The gray one is for socks. Red, I don´t know.

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