_MG_6689.jpg My room is one of my favourite places. It is what it is. Sometimes I wonder how it looks because it’s different -simpler- than I have always imagined.
_MG_8042.jpgEucharis is blooming again in winter. I don´t get why it does that. I have heard it should bloom in spring.
_MG_6702.jpgMiddle gray mittens in progress.
_MG_6707.jpgI got a batch of plant-dyed yarns as a gift. They date back to eighties and had names of the plants they were dyed with. As I wound these into balls I decided to try dyeing with plants and mushrooms next summer. It sounds sort of perfect pastime for me… When I was young my mother who is a gardener/florist and taught me the plants that grow in our forest. Next summer me and Tati will go and explore the woods.
_MG_8045.jpg Begonia corallina (also known as “Angel wing”) joined in bloom because I changed it´s soil. I got this root from my mum because customers always bring these to florists because it´s traditional and I think they´re quite hard to come by in this corner of the world. Never knew how easy this plant is to take care. Unfortunately I have not inherited the green thumb.
_MG_6919.jpgMore mittens in progress and occasional breakfast.
_MG_7280.jpgKnitting mittens while R plays solitaire.
_MG_6915.jpgFelting mittens.
_MG_7283.jpgI made a wreath of fern.
_MG_7301.jpgFinished mittens.

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