New weaving project on the big loom. This was a beginning of a second rug that I wove but I unravelled the beginning because it was too dull without colour.
Then I added colour but warp thread broke. I cannot see how that happened but of course that´s not a big deal.
After the sticky beginning I got on track. With blacks, dark grays and middle grays, I added random muted or pastel colours. This is the toned down version of the previous rug I will show you later. But I have to admit that toning down does not necessarily yield great results. I think I like the other better…
Somehow the palette of the rug was transferred to my sewing project. Here´s my first Alder shirtdess by Grainline Studio in the making. I like that pattern a lot but the fabric is terrible. It´s loosely woven double-gauze and with seams I am basically sewing striped 4-layered stack. You can imagine that it´s not easy to align the stripes. The garment is already finished but it was a struggle because of the choice of fabric. Well, learned another lesson there.
One reason I chose the pattern was because I decided to face my biggest fears when it comes to sewing: the collars, buttonholes and gathered hems. With buttonholes especially I have completely avoided making them after failing to match them in size a long time ago. But this time I refused to give up and decided that I can do them (and do them well) instead of letting buttons to decide the patterns I make. And I think they came out very good. After preliminary research I realized I had used the wrong threading in my machine and wrong presser foot earlier and after that I knew I could make it work this time around.

Oh well, a lot has happened to blog about but I think this will be the last post before Christmas. I hope all of you readers merry Christmas but not yet happy new year!

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4 Responses to Beginnings

  1. Amanda Rataj says:

    My biggest sewing fears are collars and buttonholes too!! I’ve tried gathering before, but I’ve been holding off on making my Grainline Archer because I’m nervous about it! Time to face my fears, I think.

    I broke a warp thread the very first time I wove, making a rug. It was a big fear the first few times I made something too, but now – no big deal :)

    • Niina Niina says:

      Amanda, I think Archer/ Alder sew-along is just what might come handy. Atleast it did it for me. And for the buttonholes I handstitched markings with contrasting colour that would be impossible to miss and used 1/2 speed on my machine. You can manage a lot more difficult things already!

      I am thinking of sewing an Archer too. But before that one (or two) Alders…

      • Amanda Rataj says:

        The sew along definitely helps making the scary parts less so. My machine doesn’t have a set 1/2 speed, but I like the idea of handstitching the markings – that’s smart!

        Ok. I think you might just have encouraged me to start an Archer with my two weeks off work. I have such a huge collection of fabric and I hate storing it all and not using it. Time to use it up!

      • Niina Niina says:


        Good! Looking forward to see the Archer in your blog. I am sure it will be very nice.

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